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United States Flag 1912-1959

Above:  Flag of the United States of America, 1912-1959

Image in the Public Domain

Prayer Source = Book of Worship (1942), Evangelical and Reformed Church


O God, who hast made us a royal priesthood that we might offer unto thee prayer and intercession for all sorts and conditions of men, hear us as we pray;

For all who toil in the burden and the heat of the day that they may enjoy the rewards of their industry, that they may not be defrauded of their due and that we may never cease to be mindful of our debt to them, remembering with gratitude the multitude of services which must be performed to make our life tolerable;

For those who have authority and power over their fellow-men, that they may not use it for selfish advantage but be guided to do justice and to love mercy;

For those who have been worsted in the battles of life, whether by the inhumanity of their fellows, their own limitations, or the fickleness of fortune, that they may contend against injustice without bitterness, overcome their own weaknesses with diligence and learn how to accept what cannot be altered, with patience;

For the rulers of nations that they may act wisely and without pride, and seek to promote peace among the peoples and establish justice in our common life;

For the teachers and ministers of the Word, for artists and interpreters of our spiritual life that they may rightly divide the word of truth and not be tempted by pride or greed or any ignoble passion to corrupt the truth to which they are committed;

For prophets and seers and saints who awaken us from our sloth that they may continue to hold their torches high in a world darkened by prejudice and sin and never be disobedient to the heavenly vision.

O God, who hast bound us together in this bundle of life, give us grace to understand how our lives depend upon the courage, the industry, the honesty and the integrity of our fellow-men, that we may be mindful of their needs, grateful for their faithfulness and faithful in our responsibilities to them; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

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