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Above:  George Henry Trabert

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George Henry Trabert (1843-1931) was a minister in the former Augustana Synod (1860-1962), General Council (1867-1918), and United Lutheran Church in America (1918-1962) in the United States.  He translated at least 40 Swedish hymns into English.

The General Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in North America (1867-1918) was a federation of synods, including the Augustana Synod, which defected shortly prior to the reunion with the General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the United States of America (1867-1918).  For a long time the Augustana Synod retained its Swedish heritage and language, sometimes at the cost of conflict with other synods of the General Council, especially the Synod of the Northwest, which worked among English speakers in territory overlapping that of the Augustana Synod.  Eventually the Augustana Synod made the transition to English successfully.


As Author

With Deep Humility, O Lord:

Here We Often are Perplexed:

As Translator

In Hope My Soul, Redeemed to Bliss Unending:

Blest Easter Day, What Joy is Thine/O Paschal Feast, What Joy is Thine:


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