The Glory of the Spring How Sweet!   1 comment

River in Mountains Spring Time

Above:  River in Mountains Spring

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = Hymns of the Spirit for Use in the Free Churches of America (1937), American Unitarian Association and Universalist Church of America

Text (1867) by Thomas Hornblower Gill (1819-1906)


The glory of the spring how sweet!

The newborn life how glad!

What joy the happy earth to greet

In new, bright raiment clad!


Divine Renewer, thee I bless;

I greet thy going forth;

I thee love in the loveliness

Of thy renewed earth.


But O these wonders of thy grace,

These nobler works of thine,

These marvels sweeter far to trace,

These new births more divine,–


These sinful souls thou hallowest,

These hearts thou makest new,

These mourning souls by thee made blest,

These faithless hearts made true!


Creator Spirit, work in me

These wonders sweet of thine!

Divine Renewer, graciously

Renew this heart of mine!

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