Lord God, By Whom All Change Is Wrought   1 comment

White Mountains Scenic

Above:  White Mountains Scenic

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = Hymns of the Spirit for Use in the Free Churches of America (1937), American Unitarian Association and Universalist Church of America

Text (1869) by Thomas Hornblower Gill (1819-1906)


Lord God, by whom all change is wrought,

By whom new things to birth are brought,

In whom no change is known,

Whate’er thou dost, whate’er thou art,

Thy people still in thee have part,

Still, still, thou art our own.


Spirit who makest all things new,

Thou leadest onward; we pursue

The heav’nly march sublime;

‘Neath thy renewing fire we glow,

And still from strength to strength we go,

From height to height we climb.


Darkness and dread we leave behind;

New light, new glory, still we find,

New realms divine possess,

New births of grace raptures bring;

Triumphant the new song we sing,

The great Renewer bless.

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