God, From All Eternity   2 comments

Night Vision Theme

Above:  Night Vision Scene

Image in the Public Domain

Original German Text (1711) by Caspar Neumann (1648-1715)

English Translation (1912) by August Crull (1845-1923)

Hymn Source = Evangelical Lutheran Hymn-Book (1912), German Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and Other States (now The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod)


God, from all eternity

In Thy Son Thou didst elect me;

Therefore, Father, graciously

In my course to heaven direct me;

Send to me Thy Holy Spirit

That His gifts I may inherit.


Though alive, I’m dead in sin,

To all good things lost by nature;

Holy Ghost, change me within,

Make of me a new-born creature;

For the flesh deserves damnation

And can never gain salvation.


Drive away the gloomy night

Of  my sinful meditation;

Quench all thoughts that are not right,

Reason hold in limitation;

Grant that I from Thee with yearning

Wisdom always may be my learning.


All desires and thoughts of mine,

From my youth, are only evil;

Save me from Thy power divine

From myself and from the devil;

Give me strength in ample measure,

Both to will and do Thy pleasure.


Such a heart create in me,

That in Thee, O God, believing,

At the base iniquity

Of my sins I may be grieving;

And when hours of woe betide me,

In the wounds of Jesus hide me.


As a branchlet in the Vine,

In my blessed Lord, implant me;

Ever to my Head divine

To remain a member grant me;

Oh, let Him, my Lord and Savior,

Be my Life and Love forever!


Faith and hope and charity

Graciously, O Father, give me;

Be my Guardian constantly

That no devil e’er may grieve me;

Grant me humbleness and gladness,

Peace and patience in my sadness.


Help me speak what’s right and just,

And keep silence on occasion;

Help me pray, Lord, as I must;

Help me bear my tribulation;

Help me die and let my spirit

Everlasting life inherit.


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