Thou Art Gone Up On High!   2 comments

Ascension of Christ

Above:  The Ascension of Christ

Image in the Public Domain

Text by Greville Phillimore (1821-1884)

Hymn Source = In Memoriam (1884)


Thou art gone up on high!

Why gaze they upwards there

Into the silent air,

That holy band?

Is it in grief, or doubt, or love

With eyes upturned to heaven

Wondering they stand?


Thou art gone up on high!

Yet to their weary sight,

Clothed as in heaven bright,

The angels came;

They bring the warning words below,

And His Apostles needs must go

Without Him home.


Thou art gone up on high!

Yet shall the Holy One

Not leave on earth alone

Whom He doth send;

These comfort, truth, and inward power,

Strengthen for the trial and the hour

Ever defend.


Thou art gone up on high!

Help us our souls to raise,

Upwards on Thee to gaze,

Strength to obtain;

So to go forth and do Thy will,

And reach at last that holy hill

Where Thou dost reign.


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2 responses to “Thou Art Gone Up On High!

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