O Lord of Glory, King of Saints   2 comments

Second Coming Icon

Above:  Icon of the Second Coming

Image in the Public Domain

Text by Greville Phillimore (1821-1884)

Hymn Source = In Memoriam (1884)


O Lord of glory, King of saints

In earth and heaven above,

Thou, Who didst save the sons of men

By Thy great act of love;


Hear Thou our song, Who didst not scorn

To own the ties of earth,

Thou First-born of the brethren, hear

Those born of Thy new birth.


Hear, whilst we praise Thee for the wise,

The holy and the just,

For all who in Thy faith and fear

Departed, dust to dust.


O blessed sheep! Their wakening eyes

Gazed on the rest of God,

The hidden garden of the Lord

Prepared for their abode.


O great assembly of the Church

Upon the happy shore,

Where in the midst of all His saints

Christ walketh evermore!


Keep us in their communion high,

O everlasting Son,

Grant us in life their holiness,

Their rest, when life is done.


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