O Holy Spirit, Grant Us Grace   1 comment

Pentecost Dove May 24, 2015

Above:  Pentecost Dove

Scan by Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Original Text (1591) by Bartholomaus Ringwaldt (1532-1599)

Translation #1 (1693) by Soren Jonasson

Translation #2 (1909) by Oluf Hanson Smeby (1851-1929)

Hymn Source = The Concordia Hymnal:  A Hymnal for Church, School and Home (1932), U.S. Norwegian Lutherans


1.  O Holy Spirit, grant us grace

That we our Lord and Saviour

In faith and fervent love embrace,

And truly serve Him ever,

So that when death is drawing nigh,

We to His open wounds may fly,

And find in them salvation.

2.  Help us that we Thy saving word

In faithful hearts may treasure;

Let e’er that bread of life afford

New grace in richest measure;

Yea, let us die to ev’ry sin,

For heav’n create us new within,

That fruits of faith may flourish.

3.  And when our earthly race is run,

Death’s bitter hour impending,

Then may Thy work, in us begun,

Continue till life’s ending;

Until we gladly may commend

Our souls into our Savior’s hand,

To rest in peace eternal.

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