Father, Source of Life and Light   Leave a comment

Dawn on River

Above:  Dawn on River

Image in the Public Domain

Text by Henry N. Hendrickson (1869-1953)

Hymn Source = The Concordia Hymnal:  A Hymnal for Church, School and Home (1932), U.S. Norwegian Lutherans


1.  Father, source of life and light,

Who has kept us through the night,

Sheltered ‘neath Thy mighty wing,

Thee our morning praise we bring.

Shine upon us from above

With the radiance of Thy love.

2.  Savior, Master, in Thy way

Guide our erring steps today;

In temptation’s trying hour

Touch us with Thy quickening pow’r.

Richest gift Thy grace can give,

Teach us, Master, how to live.

3.  Holy Spirit, ever near,

Keep our hearts from guilty fear.

Strengthen us for each our task

More than we know how to ask.

Sanctified, redeemed, and free,

Humbly let us walk with Thee.

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