At Thy Feet, Our God and Father   1 comment

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Above:  Episcopal Church of the Holy Family, Jasper, Georgia, June 21, 2015

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Text (1861) by James Drummond Burns (1823-1864)

Hymn Source = The Hymnal for Youth (1941)


1.  At Thy feet, our God and Father,

Who hast blest us all our days,

We with grateful hearts would gather,

To begin this hour with praise:

Praise for light so brightly shining

On our steps from heaven above;

Praise for mercies daily twining

Round us golden cords of love.

2.  Jesus, for Thy love most tender,

On the cross for sinners shown,

We would praise Thee, and surrender

All our hearts to be Thine own:

With so blest a friend provided,

We upon our way would go,

Sure of being safely guided,

Guarded well from every foe.

3.  Every day will be the brighter

When Thy gracious face we see;

Every burden will be lighter

When we know it comes from Thee.

Spread Thy love’s broad banner o’er us,

Give us strength to serve and wait,

Till the glory breaks before us

Through the city’s open gate.

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