O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee   3 comments


Above:  Path

Image in the Public Domain

Text (1879) by Washington Gladden (1836-1918)

Hymn Source = Christian Youth Hymnal (1948), The United Lutheran Church in America


1.  O Master, let me walk with Thee

In lowly paths of service free;

Tell me Thy secret; help me bear

The strain of toil, the fret of care.

2.  Help me the slow of heart to move

By some clear winning word of love;

Teach me the wayward feed to stay,

And guide them in the homeward way.

3.  Teach me Thy patience, still with Thee

In closer, dearer company,

In work that keeps faith sweet and strong,

In trust that triumphs over wrong;

4.  In hope that sends a shining ray

Far down the future’s broad’ning way;

In peace that only Thou canst give,

With Thee, O master, let me live.

3 responses to “O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee

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