Jesus, Meek and Lowly   3 comments

Christ Pantocrator Icon

Above:  Icon of Christ Pantocrator

Scan by Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Text (1854) by Henry Augustine Collins (1827-1919)

Hymn Source = Common Service Book of the Lutheran Church (1917), The United Lutheran Church (1918-1962) and its immediate predecessor bodies


1.  Jesus, meek and lowly,

Saviour, pure and holy,

On Thy love relying,

Hear me humbly crying.

2.  Prince of life and power,

My salvation’s tower,

On the Cross I view Thee

Calling sinners to Thee.

3.  There behold me gazing

At the sight amazing:

Bending low before Thee,

Helpless, I adore Thee.

4.  By Thy red wounds streaming,

With Thy life-blood gleaming,

Blood for sinners flowing,

Pardon free bestowing;

5.  By that fount of blessing,

Thy dear love expressing,

All my aching sadness

Turn Thou into gladness.

6.  Lord, in mercy guide me;

Be Thou e’er beside me;

In Thy ways direct me,

‘Neath Thy wings protect me.

Below:  One of My Crucifixes

Photograph by Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Crucifix I July 15, 2014


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