The Heavens Declare Thy Glory   Leave a comment

Red Sunset

Above:  Red Sunset

Image in the Public Domain

Text (1874) by Thomas Rawson Birks (1810-1883)

Hymn Source = The New Hymnal for American Youth (1930)


1.  The heavens declare thy glory,

The firmament thy power;

Day unto day the story

Repeats from hour to hour;

Night unto night replying,

Proclaims in every land,

O Lord, with voice undying,

The wonders of thy hand.

2.  The sun with royal splendor

Goes forth to chant thy praise

And moonbeams soft and tender

Their gentler anthem raise:

O’er every tribe and nation

The music strange is poured;

The song of all creation

To thee, creation’s Lord.

3.  All heaven on high rejoices

To do its Maker’s will;

The stars with solemn voices

Resound thy praises still:

So let mu whole behavior,

Tho’ts, words, and actions be,

O Lord, my Strength, my Saviour,

One ceaseless song to thee.

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