O God, Whose Smile is In the Sky   2 comments

Sunset Rays in Sky

Above:  Sunset Rays on Sky

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = Hymns of the Spirit (1937), American Unitarian Association and Universalist Church in America

Text (1907) by John Haynes Holmes (1879-1964)


1.  O God, whose smile is in the sky,

Whose path is in the sea,

Once more from earth’s tumultuous strife,

We gladly turn to thee.

2.  Now all the myriad sounds of earth

In solemn stillness die;

While wind and wave unite to chant

Their anthems to the sky.

3.  We come as those with toil far spent

Who crave thy rest and peace,

And from the care and fret of life

Would find in thee release.

4.  O Father, soothe all troubled thought,

Dispel all idle fear,

Purge thou each heart of secret sin,

And banish every care;

5.  Until, as shine upon the sea

The silent stars above,

There shines upon our trusting souls

The light of thine own love.

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