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Above:  John Haynes Holmes

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John Haynes Holmes (1879-1964) was a U.S. Unitarian minister.  He, ordained in 1904, served as pastor at the Third Religious Society (Unitarian), Dorcester, Massachusetts (1904-1907), then at the Church of the Messiah (later the Community Church), New York, New York (1907-1949).  He was also an activist for peace, non-violent resistance, civil rights, civil liberties, racial equality, and Jews.  In 1930 the Jewish Institute of Religion awarded him the D.D. degree.


The Voice of God is Calling:

God of the Nations, Near and Far:

Show Us Thy Way, O God:

O’er Continent and Ocean:

O God, Whose Smile is in the Sky:

O Father, Thou Who Givest All:


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