Jesus, Kneel Beside Me   1 comment

Dark Night

Above:  Dark Night

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Hymn Source = The Hymnal (1933), Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.

Text (1907) by Allen Eastman Cross (1864-1942)

Allen Eastman Cross was a Congregationalist minister in the United States.  His title for this text was “The Great Companion.”  According to the author, quoted in Handbook to the Hymnal (1935), the circumstances of the writing of the hymn were strain and worry.  He explained:

I felt the ineffectualness of my prayer life and the ineffectiveness of workaday service.  The Son of Man seemed to possess all I lacked.  I was drawn to him by sheer difference as well as by far-off kinship.  I turned to him as to a superlative companion and spoke of my need.

The hymn debuted at the Old South Church, Boston, Massachusetts, where Cross was the Assistant Minister, in April 1907.


1.  Jesus, kneel beside me

In the dawn of day;

Thine is prayer eternal–

Teach me how to pray!

2.  Master, work beside me

In the shining sun;

Gently guide Thy servant

Till the work be done.

3.  Saviour, watch beside me

In the closing light;

Lo, the evening cometh–

Watch with me this night!

4.  Birds are winging homeward,

Sun and shadow cease;

Saviour, take my spirit

To Thy perfect peace.

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