Thou, Lord, Art Our Life and Length of Our Days   1 comment

Flag of Canada 1868-1921

Above:  The Flag of Canada, 1868-1921

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = Hymnal of the Presbyterian Church in Canada (1880)

Text by Robert Murray (1832-1910)


1.  Thou, Lord, art our life and the length of our days:

Our voices to Thee in thanksgiving we raise;

Our shield and our buckler, our refuge and tower,

We trust in Thy faithfulness, mercy, and power.

2.  We thank Thee, we praise Thee, for sunshine and rain,

For calm and for tempest, for pleasure and pain;

Thy love and Thy wisdom our tongues shall employ,

In light and in darkness, in sorrow and joy.

3.  The summer and autumn, the winter and spring,

To Thee shall their tribute of gratitude bring;

The sea and its fullness, the earth and the air,

And tell of Thy goodness, Thy glory declare.

4.  We thank Thee, we praise Thee, for beauty and youth,

For justice and freedom, for honour and truth;

For the wealth of the ocean, the forest and field,

And all the rewards that our industries yield.

5.  We thank Thee, we praise Thee, for plenty and peace,

For Thy full-flowing bounty that never doth cease,

For the Church and the Sabbath, the Home and the School,

For a land in which mercy and righteousness rule.

6.  We thank Thee and praise Thee, our Father above,

For all the dear tokens of kindness and love

Thou sendest to greet us, as day follows day,

To lighten our burdens and gladden our way.

7.  We thank Thee for life with its blessings so free,

And for the glad hope which we have, Lord, in Thee,

That Thou wilt receive us in peace to Thy rest,

To serve Thee on high with the saved and the blest.

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