Rise on the Shadowed Nations   1 comment

World Map 1570

Above:  World Map, 1570

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = Missionary Hymns (1906), Baptist General Convention for Foreign Missions, a forerunner of the Northern Baptist Convention (1907-1950)/American Baptist Convention (1950-1972)/American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A. (1972-present)

Text by Mary Cornelia Bishop Gates (1842-1905), who served for many years on the Women’s Board of Foreign Missions of the Reformed Church in America


1.  Rise on the shadowed nations,

O Sun of Righteousness!

With heavenly revelations,

The sin-worn peoples bless!

Break with Thy radiant splendor,

O glory of our God,

With light divine and tender,

O’er every land abroad.

2.  O Christ, our sky is lighted

With beams that fall from Thee;

Rise Thou on souls benighted,

Thy light let all men see.

Stay not for heathen blindness,

Stay not for unbelief!

Come, in Thy love and kindness,

And bring the world relief.

3.  Send heralds swift before Thee,

Men who have seen the King;

Those who will show Thy glory,

And joyous tidings bring.

The church, Thy love confessing,

Be filled with holy zeal,

To speak the words of blessing,

To seek, to save, the heal!

4.  Let her, in faith victorious,

Subdue earth’s sin and pain;

Prepare the way all glorious

For Thy most blessed reign.

Desire of every nation,

Come in Thy love and might;

Bring in the great salvation,

The world-wide reign of light.

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