Jesus, Lord, We Humbly Pray   1 comment

St. Catherine's 02

Above:  St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church, Marietta, Georgia, May 17, 2015

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Hymn Source = Hymnal of the Presbyterian Church in Canada (1880)

Text by Robert Murray (1832-1910)


1.  Jesus, Lord, we humbly pray,

Take our gifts on this Thy day:

Gladly, gratefully, we give,

Of Thy grace do Thou receive:

With our store we worship Thee,

As we seek Thy favour free.

2.  In the hollow of Thy hand

Is the wealth of sea and land;

All Thou grantest us to own

Appertains to Thee alone;

Claim, then claim, our earthly store

And ourselves for evermore!

3.  In our wealth and poverty

With glad hearts we bow to Thee;

Thine we are in life, in death;

Thine from birth to latest breath;

Ransomed children, we shall be

Thine to all eternity.

4.  Though our gifts be poor and small,

Thou dost welcome one and all;

Widow’s mite or water cup,

To our Lord when lifted up,

Is as precious in Thine eyes

As the costliest sacrifice.

5.  Jesus, we our vows will pay

In Thy house on this Thy day;

And Thy service be our joy,

And Thy work our hands employ

Till we hear the sweet “Well done”

From Thy Glorious Judgment Throne.

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