From Ocean Unto Ocean   1 comment

Canada and Newfoundland 1945

Above:  Canada and Newfoundland, 1945

Image Source = Hammond’s New Era Atlas of the World (1945)

Scan by Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Hymn Source = The Hymnary of The United Church of Canada (1930)

Text (1880) by Robert Murray (1832-1910)


1.  From ocean unto ocean

Our land shall own Thee, Lord,

And, filled with true devotion,

Obey Thy sovereign word;

Our prairies and our mountains,

Forest and fertile field,

Our rivers, lakes, and fountains

To Thee shall tribute yield.

2.  O Christ, for Thine own glory,

And for our country’s weal,

We humbly plead before Thee,

Thyself in us reveal;

And may we know, Lord Jesus,

The touch of Thy dear hand,

And, healed of our diseases,

The tempter’s power withstand.

3.  Where error smites with blindness,

Enslaves and leads astray,

Do Thou in loving-kindness

Proclaim Thy gospel day,

Till all the tribes and races

That dwell in this fair land,

Adorned with Christian graces,

Within Thy courts shall stand.

4.  Our Saviour King, defend us,

And guide where we should go,

Forth with Thy message send us,

Thy love and light to show,

Till, fired with true devotion

Enkindled by Thy word,

From ocean unto ocean,

Our land shall own Thee, Lord.

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