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Luther Rose

Above:  The Luther Rose

Scan by Kenneth Randolph Taylor

William Gustave Polack (1890-1950), a minister of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, wrote poetry and composed and translated hymns.  He also served as the chair of the Intersynodical Committee on Hymnology and Liturgics for the Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference of North America.  In that capacity he led the committee for The Lutheran Hymnal (1941) and wrote the companion volume.

The Lutheran Hymnal (1941) contains nine of his translations and three of his original texts.


Dear Lord, To Thy True Servants Give:


O Thou Love Unbounded:


As We Begin Another Week:


Lord Jesus, Thou Art Going Forth:


With the Lord Begin Thy Task:


Sprinkle, Sprinkle Many Nations:


All Glory Be To God Alone:


Christ is Arisen:


Kyrie, God Father in Heaven Above:



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