O Light of God’s Most Wondrous Love   3 comments

Trinity--Andei Rublev

Above:  Icon of the Holy Trinity, by Andrei Rublev

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = The Lutheran Hymnary (1935), the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America/The Evangelical Lutheran Church

Original Danish Words (1778) by Birgitte Katerine Boye (1742-1824)

English Translation (1908) by George Alfred Taylor Rygh (1860-1942)


O Light of God’s most wondrous love,

Who dost our darkness brighten,

Shed on Thy Church from heaven above,

Our eyes of faith enlighten!

As in Thy light we gather here,

Show us that Christ’s own promise clear

is Yea and Amen forever.

O risen and ascended Lord,

We wait fulfillment of Thy word:

O bless us with Thy favor!


The altered translation from The Lutheran Hymnal (1941), The Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference of North America:

Holy Spirit, God of love,

Who our night dost brighten,

Shed on us from heaven above,

Now our faith enlighten.

In Thy light we gather here;

Show us that Christ’s promise clear

Is Amen forever.

Jesus, our ascended Lord,

O fulfill Thy gracious Word:

Bless us with Thy favor!

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