Holy Jesus! Fountain Streaming   1 comment

Christ in Majesty Icon

Above:  Icon of Christ in Majesty

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = The Lutheran Hymnary (1913/1935), Norwegian Lutheran Church of America/The Evangelical Lutheran Church

Original Texts (1676 and 1700) by Jodocus van Lodenstein (1620-1677) and Bartholomaus Crasselius (1667-1724), respectively

English Translation (1907) by Carl Doving (1867-1937)


1.  Holy Jesus! Fountain streaming

Of holiness and grace redeeming,

As clear as crystal, pure and free;

Cherubim in robes of whiteness

And seraphim in all their brightness

Are darkness when compared with Thee;

Be Thou my pattern bright,

My glory and delight,

Holy Savior!

O teach Thou me, that I may be

All pure and holy, like to Thee.

2.  Gentle Jesus! self-denying,

And with Thy Father’s will complying,

Yea, even unto death resigned;

Let me e’er, Thy way pursuing,

Be guided by Thy gentle mind;

Like Thee may I be mild

And gentle as a child,

Gentle Savior!

O teach Thou me, that I may be

Meek and obedient, like to Thee.

3.  Loving Jesus! Thou my treasure,

Whose love to man no thought can measure,

Conform me to Thine image bright;

Send Thy Spirit, grace bestowing,

That I, in every virtue growing,

May ripen for the realms of light;

O draw me after Thee,

Forever Thine to be,

Loving Savior!

Thou givest rest to souls distressed,

And all who learn of Thee are blest.

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