Te Deum Laudamus (II)   3 comments

Christ in Majesty Chartres Cathedral

Above:  Christ in Majesty, Chartres Cathedral

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = The Lutheran Hymnary (1935), Norwegian Lutheran Church of America

Traditional Latin Text

English Translation (1911) by Carl Doving (1867-1937)

Another translation is here.


1.  Thee God we praise, Thy name we bless,

Thee Lord of all we do confess;

The whole creation worships Thee,

The Father of eternity.

2.  To Thee aloud all angels cry,

The heavens and all the powers on high,

The cherubs and the seraphs join,

And thus they hymn Thy praise divine:

3.  O holy, holy, holy Lord,

Thou God of hosts, by all adored,

Earth and the heavens are full of Thee,

Thy light, Thy power, Thy majesty.

4.  The apostles join the glorious throng,

The prophets swell the immortal song,

The white-robed hosts of martyrs bright

All serve and praise Thee day and night.

5.  The holy Church in every place

Throughout the world exalts Thy praise

And ever doth acknowledge Thee,

Father of boundless majesty.

6.  O God eternal, mighty King,

We unto Thee our praises bring;

And to Thy true and only Son,

And Holy Spirit, Three in One.

7.  O King of glory, Christ the Lord,

God’s everlasting Son–the Word,

To rescue mankind from its doom,

Thou didst our very flesh assume.

8.  Thou overcamest death’s sharp sting,

Believers unto heaven to bring;

At God’s right hand, exalted there,

Thou dost the Father’s glory share.

9.  And we believe Thou wilt descend

To be our judge, when comes the end;

Thy servants help, whom Thou, O God,

Hast ransomed with Thy precious blood.

10.  Among Thy saints let us be found

With glory everlasting crowned;

Thy people save from age to age,

And bless Thy chosen heritage.

11.  O guide them, lift them up for aye;

We magnify Thee day by day,

Thy name we worship and adore,

World without end, for evermore.

12.  Vouchsafe, O Lord, we humbly pray,

to keep us safe from sin this day:

O Lord, have mercy on us all,

Have mercy on us, when we call.

13.  Thy mercy, Lord, to us extend,

As on Thy mercy we depend:

Lord, I have put my trust in Thee,

Confounded let me never be.

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