O Jesus, King of Glory   3 comments

Christ Pantocrator

Above:  Christ Pantocrator

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = American Lutheran Hymnal (1930), American Lutheran Church (1930-1960) and its immediate predecessor bodies

Original German Words (1606) by Martin Behm (1557-1622)

English Translation (1863) by Catherine Winkworth (1827-1878)


1.  O Jesus, King of glory!

Both David’s God and Son,

Thy realm endures forever,

In heav’n is fixed Thy throne:

Help that in earth’s dominions,

Throughout, from pole to pole,

Thy realm may spread salvation

To each benighted soul.

2.  The Eastern sages, bringing

Their tribute gifts to Thee,

Bear witness to Thy kingdom

And humbly bow the knee.

The Eastern star proclaims Thee,

As doth the inspired Word;

Hence joyously we hail Thee:

Our blest Redeemer, Lord!

3.  Thou art a mighty Monarch,

As by the Word we’re told,

Yet carest Thou but little

For earthly goods or gold;

On no proud steed Thou ridest,

Thou wear’st no jeweled crown,

Nor dwell’st in lordly castle,

But bearest scoff and frown.

4.  Yet art Thou decked with beauty,

With rays of glorious light;

Thou ever teem’st with goodness,

And all Thy ways are right.

Vouchsafe to shield Thy people

With Thine almighty arm,

That they may dwell in safety

From those who mean bu harm.

5.  Ah, look on me with pity,

Though I am weak and poor;

Admit me to Thy kingdom,

To dwell there, blest and sure.

Vouchsafe to keep and guide me

Secure from all my foes,

From sin, and death and Satan;

Free me from all my woes.

6.  And bid Thy Word within me

Shine as the fairest star;

Keep sin and all false doctrine

From all Thy people far;

Help us confess Thee truly,

And with Thy Christendom

Here own Thee King and Savior

And in the world to come.

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