Wilt Thou Not, My Shepherd True   3 comments

Good Shepherd Icon

Above:  Icon of the Good Shepherd

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = The Lutheran Hymnary (1935), Norwegian Lutheran Church of America/The Evangelical Lutheran Church

Original German Words (1657) by Johann Scheffler (1624-1677)

English Translation (1841) by Frances Elizabeth Cox (1812-1897)


1.  Wilt Thou not, my Shepherd true,

Spare Thy sheep, in mercy spare me?

Wilt Thou not, as shepherds do,

In Thine arms rejoicing bear me;

Bear me where all troubles cease,

Home to folds of joy and peace?

2.  With Thy flock I long to be,

With the flock to whom ’tis given

Safe to feed, and, praising Thee,

Roam the happy plains of heaven:

Free from fear of sinful stain,

They can never stray again.

3.  Lord! I am here sore beset,

Fears at every step confound me;

Lo! my foes have spread their net,

And with craft and might surround me:

Such their snares on every side,

Safe Thy sheep can ne’er abide.

4.  See, on earth’s wide desert way

How my truant steps mislead me;

Bring me back, no more to stray,

In Thine green pastures feed me,

Gather me within the fold,

Where Thy lambs Thy light behold.

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