Sunk is the Sun’s Last Beam of Light   1 comment

Moon at Night

Above:  Moon at Night

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = Common Service Book of the Lutheran Church (1917), United Lutheran Church in America (1918) and its immediate predecessor bodies

Original German Words (1560) by Nicolaus Hermann (Circa 1485-1561)

English Translation (1841) by Frances Elizabeth Cox (1812-1897)


1.  Sunk is the sun’s last beam of light,

And now the world is wrapt in night,

Christ, light us with Thy heavenly ray,

Nor let our feet in darkness stray.

2.  Thanks, Lord, that Thou throughout the day,

Hast kept grief and harm away;

That angels tarried round about

Our coming in and going out.

3.  Whate’er of wrong we’ve done or said,

Let not the charge on us be laid;

That, through Thy free forgiveness blest,

In peaceful slumber we may rest.

4.  Thy guardian angels round us place

All evil from our couch to chase;

Our soul and body, while we sleep,

In safety, gracious Father, keep.

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