Spread, Oh, Spread, Thou Mighty Word   3 comments

Polar Projection 1951 Alpha

Polar Projection 1951 Beta

Above:  Polar Projection of the World from Hammond’s Complete World Atlas (1951)

Scans by Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Original German Words (1827) by Jonathan Friedrich Bahnmaier (1774-1841)

English Translation (1858) by Catherine Winkworth (1827-1878)

Hymn Source = Lyra Germanica, Second Series (1858)

I have changed some instances of the letter “f” to “s” to remain consistent with current English.

There are some subtle differences between this version and the more familiar and altered and abbreviated one.


1.  Spread, oh, spread, thou mighty Word,

Spread the kingdom of the Lord,

Wheresoe’er His breath has given

Life to beings meant for heaven.

2.  Tell them how the Father’s will

Made the world, and keeps it still,

How He sent His Son to save

All who help and comfort crave.

3.  Tell of our Redeemer’s love,

Who for ever doth remove

By His holy sacrifice,

All the guilt that on us lies.

4.  Tell them of the Spirit given

Now, to guide us up to heaven,

Strong and holy, just and true,

Working both to will and do.

5.  Word of Life!  most pure and strong,

Lo! for Thee the nations long;

Spread, till from its dreary night

All the world awakes to light.

6.  Up, the ripening fields ye see,

Mighty shall the harvest be,

But the reapers still are few,

Great the work they have to do.

7.  Lord of harvest, let there be

Joy and strength to work for Thee,

Let the nations far and near

See Thy Light, and learn Thy fear.

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