Let Enoch, Let Me Ever Walk With Thee   1 comment

Elijah and Enoch

Above:  Elijah and Enoch

Image in the Public Domain

Words (1925) by Anna Bernadine Dorothy Hoppe (1889-1941)

Hymn Source = American Lutheran Hymnal (1930), American Lutheran Church (1930-1960) and its predecessor bodies


1.  Like Enoch, let me ever walk with Thee;

Let me, like Mary, kneel at Thy blest feet;

Let me hold Thy truth like Timothy

And keep the faith like Paul, all pure, complete.

2.  Let me, like John, stay ever close to Thy dear heart;

Like Andrew, at the Galilean lake;

From kindred rather than from Thee depart;

Let me like Peter bold confession make.

3.  Like Stephen, grant me strength for foes to pray,

And when for my life’s eventide draws nigh,

O may Thy angels carry me away

To dwell forever, Lord, with Thee on high.

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