Jesus, O Precious Name   2 comments

New Year's Eve

Image in the Public Domain

Words (1918) by Anna Bernadine Dorothy Hoppe (1889-1941)

Hymn Source = The Hymnal and Order of Service (1925), The Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod


1.  Jesus, O precious Name,

By heaven’s herald spoken,

Jesus, O holy Name,

Of love divine the token,

Jesus, in Thy dear Name

This new year we begin;

Bless Thou its opening door,

Inscribe Thy Name within.

2.  Jesus, O precious Name,

In Thee our hopes are centered,

In Thee, O mighty Name,

This new year we have entered.

Though seasons come and go,

Thou, Lord, art still the same;

Immovable is still

That solid rock, Thy Name.

3.  Jesus, O precious Name,

Thou bringest peace and gladness,

Jesus, O worshiped Name,

Dispelling all our sadness,

In hallowed temple halls

Thy sacred echo rings,

While heav’ns ransomed host

Thy praise in glory sings.

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