Eternal God, Our Father   1 comment

St. James, Cedartown

Above:  St. James Episcopal Church, Cedartown, Georgia

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Words (1928) by Anna Bernadine Dorothy Hoppe (1889-1941)

Hymn Source = The Concordia Hymnal:  A Hymnal for Church, School and Home (1932), U.S. Norwegian Lutheran


1.  Eternal God, our Father,

In Jesus’ name we gather

To praise and worship Thee.

Let hymns of adoration

And prayers of supplication

Like incense sweet arise to Thee.

2.  Thy grace in Christ confession,

We come to seek the blessing

Thy holy word imparts.

Grant us through Thy blest Spirit

In fervent love to bear it,

And keep it in believing hearts.

3.  Thy Son, our risen Savior,

Hath gained for us Thy favor,

The curse of law He bore.

In Shepherd love He sought us,

With His own blood He bought us,

To grant us life forevermore.

4.  Heirs of Thy free salvation,

May we bring consolation

To those in need and pain.

True to our Lord and Savior,

May we as Christians ever

Unspotted from the world remain.

5.  Thy word our hearts sustaineth:

Its shining light remaineth

Our guide to realms above.

6.  There we shall praise and bless Thee,

With angel hosts confess Thee,

And evermore extol Thy love.

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