By Nature Deaf to Things Divine   1 comment

St. Matthew's, Snellville

Above:  St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Snellville, Georgia, December 21, 2008

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Words (1919) by Anna Bernadine Dorothy Hoppe (1889-1941)

Hymn Source = The Hymnal and Order of Service (1925), The Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod


1.  By nature deaf to things divine,

My ears hear not this Word of Thine,

The gospel of salvation.

By nature dumb to speak Thy praise,

My carnal tongue doth fail to raise

A song of adoration.

Heal Thou me now, blest Physician,

In contrition,

I beseech Thee,

Let my prayer and pleading reach Thee.

2.  I thank Thee, dear Redeemer mine,

That Thou in love and power divine

Thy healing Word hast spoken.

Thy Word indeed doth balm afford,

And Thy forgiveness, dearest Lord,

The power of sin hath broken.

Thy Word, dear Lord, still endureth,

And assureth

Me, O Saviour,

Of Thy everlasting favor.

3.  Indeed Thou doest all things well,

Incarnate God, Immanuel,

Thou promised Saviour, Jesus.

My ears can hear Thy Word divine,

My lips can praise that power of Thine

Which healeth all diseases.

Till I sing Thy praise in glory,

Let the story

Of salvation

Be my theme of adoration.

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