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Luther Rose

Above:  The Luther Rose

Scan by Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Anna Bernadine Dorothy Hoppe (1889-1941), of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was one of the best hymn writers and translators the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) produced.  Her texts seem to have fallen out of favor with editorial committees recent North American Lutheran hymnals, however.  My survey of the most recent denominational hymnals (1993-2006) among North American Lutherans has yielded the following results:

  1. Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary (1996, The Evangelical Lutheran Synod) and Evangelical Lutheran Worship (2006, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)–no Hoppe hymns;
  2. Christian Worship:  A Lutheran Hymnal (1993, the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) and Lutheran Service Book (2006, The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod)–one Hoppe hymn each; and
  3. Ambassador Hymnal for Lutheran Worship (1994, Association of Free Lutheran Congregations)–two Hoppe hymns.

Also, The Covenant Hymnal:  A Worshipbook (1996, the Evangelical Covenant Church of America, a close relation to Scandinavian Lutheranism) contains one Hoppe hymn.


By Nature Deaf to Things Divine:

Desire of Every Nation:

Eternal God, Our Father:

Have Ye Heard the Invitation:

Heavenly Sower, Thou Hast Scattered:

How Blest Are They Who Through the Power of Heaven-Kindled Faith:

I Open Wide the Portals of My Heart:

Jesus, O Precious Name:

Like Enoch, Let Me Ever Walk With Thee:

Lord Jesus Christ, the Children’s Friend:

O Dear Redeemer Crucified:

O Father Mine, Whose Mercies Never Cease:

O Friend of Sinners, Son of God:

O Precious Saviour, Heal and Bless:

The Sower Goeth Forth to Sow:

This Night a Wondrous Revelation:

Thou Goest to Jerusalem:

Thou Hast Indeed Made Manifest:

Thou Lord of Life and Death:

Jesus, Thou from Death Hast Risen:


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  2. Hello Kenneth,

    I am a student in two graduate programs for theology and church music, and have selected the life and hymnody of Anna Hoppe for my M.A. in theology thesis topic. In your survey of her work, can you recommend any books and resources that have been helpful to you? So far, Ryden’s chapter in The Story of Our Hymns has been the most extensive one – there seems to be little information available about her background.

    Thank you,
    Elisabeth Urtel

    • Ms. Urtel, Thank you for your question. I cobbled together a profile of Hoppe’s life ( from various sources, most of them written. The main ones were: (1) Charles W. Hughes, American Hymns Old and New: Notes on the Hymns and Biographies of the Authors and Composers (1980); (2) Marilyn Kay Stulken, Hymnal Companion to the Lutheran Book of Worship (1981); (3) Fred L. Precht, Lutheran Worship Hymnal Companion (1992); and W. G. Polack, The Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal (1942). I also drew from a few reputable online sources, the identity of most of which I cannot recall at present. (I do recall news stories about and the official website of St. John’s ELC, however.) Most helpful with regard to texts were the Augustana Synod’s Hymnal and Order of Service (1925) and the American Lutheran Hymnal (1930). Hoppe’s adult life seems to have been one of work, church, and writing in Milwaukee–a professional life with about 500 hymns to show for a pious hobby. I hope that this message helps you.

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