Lord, When We Bend Before Thy Throne   1 comment


Above:  St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Newnan, Georgia, January 26, 2014

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Hymn Source = The Lutheran Hymnal (1941), Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference of North America

Words (1802) by Joseph Dacre Carlyle (1758-1804)


1.  Lord, when we bend before Thy throne

And our confessions pour,

Teach us to feel the sins we own

And hate what we deplore.

2.  Our broken spirit pitying see,

True penitence impart;

Then let a kindling glance from Thee

Beam hope upon the heart.

3.  When our responsive tongues essay

Their grateful hymns to raise,

Grant that our souls may join the lay,

And mount to Thee in praise.

4.  When we disclose our wants in prayer,

May we our wills resign

And not a thought our bosom share

That is not wholly Thine.

5.  May faith each meek petition fill

And waft it to the skies;

and teach our hearts ’tis goodness still

That grants it or denies.

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