Now Found Is the Fairest of Roses   2 comments


Above:  Roses, Between 1900 and 1905

Image Publisher = Detroit Publishing Company

Image Source = Library of Congress

Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-det-4a20684

Original Danish Words by Hans Adolf Brorson (1694-1764)

English Translation by Jens Christian Aaberg (1877-1970)

Hymn Source = The Concordia Hymnal:  A Hymnal for Church, School and Home (1932), Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church


1.  Now found is the fairest of roses,

‘Mongst briars it sweetly reposes;

My Jesus is so precious and holy

Abode among sinners so lowly.

2.  Since man his Creator deserted

And wholly His image perverted,

The world like a desert was lying,

And all in transgression were dying.

3.  But God, as His promise had granted,

A Rose in the desert has planted,

Which now is with sweetness endowing

The race that in evil was growing.

4.  All men should with gladness forever

Give praises to God for His favor,

But many have ne’er comprehended

The Rose to the world has descended.

5.  My Jesus, Thou ever remainest

My glory and crown, who sustainest

My heart in the fullness of pleasure;

Thy sweetness alone I will treasure.

6.  The world may of all thins bereave me,

Its thorns may annoy and aggrieve me,

The foe may affliction engender,

My rose I will never surrender.

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