Again a Day Has From Us Gone   1 comment

Dark Night

Above:  Dark Night

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = The Covenant Hymnal (1973), Evangelical Covenant Church of America

Original German Words (1670) by Johann Friedrich Hertzog (1647-1699)

English Translation (1947) by Gerhard W. Palmgren (1880-1959)

Note:  I found three Palmgren translations in The Covenant Hymnal (1973).  They were under copyright at the time of the publication of that volume.  Two of those translations appeared in the successor, The Covenant Hymnal:  A Worshipbook (1996), with the copyright renewed that year.  This was not one of them.  Anyhow, I seek no financial gain by posting the words at this weblog.  If one seeks to sing the words to the designated tune, “Storl,” I recommend consulting The Covenant Hymnal (1973) or its 1950 predecessor.–KRT


1.  Again a day has from us gone,

Gone ever from our sight;

Once more, its daily labors done,

Come peace and rest of night.

2.  Safe in thy keeping let me rest,

When daylight fades away;

With joyful praise thy name be blest

When dawns another day.

3.  But thou remainest, God of Grace,

Forevermore the same;

Thou all our nights and all our days

Didst number ere they came.

4.  And if death’s solemn call I hear,

While in my sleep I lie,

What comfort, Lord, that thou art near:

In thee I live and die.

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