The Lord My Faithful Shepherd Is   2 comments


Above:  Sheep and Shepherds, Palestine, Between 1934 and 1939

Image Source = Library of Congress

Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-matpc-22229

Original Danish Words by Anders Christensen Arrebo (1587-1637)

English Translation by Carl Doving (1867-1937)

Hymn Source = Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary (1996), Evangelical Lutheran Synod


1.  The Lord my faithful Shepherd is,

And me he safely guideth;

I shall not want, for I am His

Who all things good provideth.

I follow Him, I hear His voice,

In Him my Lord I do rejoice

Blest am I in His keeping!

2.  A tender shepherd leads his sheep

Where pastures green are growing,

And there His flock doth guard and keep

Beside the waters flowing.

Thus Christ, my Shepherd, leadeth me,

My soul and body feedeth He

And for their wants provideth.

3.  And if I ever go astray,

My wayward soul He turneth,

To save the lost, to guide the way,

For this He ever yearneth;

He leadeth me, my soul to bless

In His own path of righteousness

For His name’s sake and glory.

4.  Why should I ever fear, O Lord,

Whilst Thee I have beside me?

Thou by Thy Spirit and Thy Word

Dost comfort and dost guide me.

In death’s dark vale I’ll fear no ill,

For Thou, O Lord, art with me still,

Thy rod and staff shall stay me.

5.  Thou art my host; for me, Thy guest,

A table Thou providest.

Thou foes be near, I am at rest,

Thou still with me abidest.

With oil anointest Thou my head,

Oh me Thy blessing rich is shed,

My cup with bliss o’erfloweth.

6.  Thy goodness and Thy mercy, Lord,

Shall follow me, attending

The days Thou dost to me afford

Until they reach their ending.

Thereafter shall I in Thy love

Dwell in Thy house in heav’n above

Forever and forever.

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