Liebster Jesu, Wir Sind Hier   2 comments


Above:  St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, Hamilton, Georgia, November 2, 2014

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Original German Words (1667) by Tobias Clausnitzer (1619-1684)


English Translation (1858) by Catherine Winkworth (1827-1878)

Hymn Source = The Lutheran Hymnal (1941), Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference of North America

1.  Blessed Jesus, at Thy word

We are gathered all to hear Thee;

Let our hearts and souls be stirred

Now to seek and love and fear Thee,

By Thy teachings, sweet and holy,

Drawn from earth to love Thee solely.

2.  All our knowledge, sense, and sight

Lie in deepest darkness shrouded

Till Thy Spirit breaks our night

With the beams of truth unclouded.

Thou alone to God canst win us;

Thou must work all good within us.

3.  Glorious Lord, Thyself impart,

Light of Light, from God proceeding;

Open Thou our ears and heart,

Help us by Thy Spirit’s pleading;

Hear the cry Thy people raises,

Hear and bless our prayers and praises.


English Translation (no later than 1927) by Robert Alexander Stewart Macalister (1870-1950)

Hymn Source = The Church Hymnary (1927), Presbyterian

1.  Look upon us, blessed Lord,

Take our wandering thoughts and guide us:

We ave come to hear Thy word:

With Thy teaching now provide us,

That, from earth’s distractions turning,

We Thy message may be learning.

2.  For Thy Spirit’s radiance bright

We, assembled here, are hoping:

If Thou shouldst withhold the light,

If the dark our souls were groping:

In word, deed, and thought direct us:

Thou, none other, canst direct us.

3.  Brightness of the Father’s face,

Light of Light, from God proceeding,

Make us ready in this place:

Ear and heart await Thy leading.

In our study, prayers, and praising,

May our souls find their upraising.


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