Alleluia! Song of Gladness   5 comments

Christ Church Macon, January 5, 2014

Above:  Christ Episcopal Church, Macon, Georgia, January 5, 2014

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Original Latin Text (Eleventh Century) by Anonymous

English Translation from The Church Hymnal (Church of England, 1855), William Cooke and William Denton, Editors

Hymn Source = Common Service Book (1917), United Lutheran Church in America and its immediate predecessors

The John Mason Neale translation is here.


1.  Alleluia! Song of gladness,

Voice of everlasting joy;

Alleluia! Sound the sweetest

Heard among the choirs on high,

Hymning in God’s blissful mansion

Day and night incessantly.

2.  Alleluia! Church victorious,

Thou may lift the joyful strain;

Alleluia! Songs of triumph

Well befit the ransomed train.

Faint and feeble are our praises

While in exile we remain.

3.  Alleluia! Songs of gladness

Suit not always souls forlorn;

Alleluia! Sounds of sadness

‘Midst our joyful strains are borne;

For in this dark world of sorrow

We with tears our sins must mourn.

4.  Praises with our prayers uniting,

Hear us, blessed Trinity;

Bring us to Thy blissful presence,

There the Paschal Lamb to see,

There to Thee our Alleluia

Singing everlastingly.

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