Behold, the Shade of Night is Now Receding   2 comments


Above:  Easter Vigil, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, Dunwoody, Georgia, April 20, 2014

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Hymn Source = American Hymns Old and New (1980)

Original Latin text by St. Gregory I “the Great” (circa 540-604), Bishop of Rome

English Translation (1869) by Ray Palmer (1808-1887), U.S. Congregationalist minister


1.  Behold, the shade of night is now receding,

Kindling with splendors fair the dawn is glowing,

With fervent hearts, O let us all implore him,

Ruler Almighty.

2.  That he, our God, will look on us in pity,

Send strength for weakness, grand us his salvation,

And with a Father’s pure affection give us

Glory eternal.

3.  This grace O grant us, Godhead ever blessed,

Of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost in union,

Whose praises be through earth’s distant regions

Ever resounding.

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