Enter Thy Temple, Glorious King!   1 comment

Akron First MEC

Above:  First Methodist Episcopal Church, Akron, Ohio, 1876

A scan from Cyclopedia of Methodism; Embracing Sketches of Its Rise, Progress and Present Condition, with Biographical Notices and Numerous Illustrations, Fifth Revised Edition, Edited by Matthew Simpson (Philadelphia, PA:  Louis H. Everts, 1882), page 19, courtesy of my scanner

Hymn Source = Hymnal of the Methodist Episcopal Church (1878)

Words (1861) by Emily Huntington Miller (1833-1913) upon the occasion of the dedication of the new building of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, Akron, Ohio

The article about the church (from page 18), verbatim:

Akron First M.E. Church is one of the best edifices in Ohio.  The audience-room, exclusive of the vestibule, has an area of 90 by 64 feet; around which extends a gallery supported by brackets.  The wood-work is of solid black walnut, and the house throughout is neatly and beautifully furnished.  The basement below the audience-room affords commodious space for lecture-room, pastor’s study, church parlor, kitchen, and Sunday-school library.  The most attractive feature is the Sunday-school department.  Not only has the church a commodious basement, but adjoining the church, school-rooms are built in the form of a semi-octodecagon, having an area of 64 by 45 feet; furnished with chairs, piano, fountain, pictures, etc.  Around this is built a projection two stories high, providing rooms for separate classes.  The rooms are airy and well lighted, and ample provision made for the infant department.  The rooms can be closed separately, and can be thrown open into the main room by arched doorways, so that the superintendent may have, from a central point, command of every department of the school.  The Sunday-school rooms were finished in 1870, at a cost of $20,000.  The entire church and furnishing did not exceed $120,000.  At the time of its erection, the membership was about 400; at present (1876) it is 644.  The edifice is of brick with Ohio stone dressings, and is erected in the most substantial manner.


1.  Enter thy temple, glorious King!

And write thy name upon its shrine,

Thy peace to shed, thy joy to bring,

And seal its courts forever thine.

2.  Abide with us, O Lord, we pray,

Our strength, our comfort, and our light;

Sun of our joy’s unclouded day!

Star of our sorrow’s troubled night!

3.  If from thy paths our souls should stray,

Yet turn to seek thy pardoning grace,

Cast not our contrite prayer away,

But hear from heaven, thy dwelling place.

4.  Grant us to walk in peace and love,

And find, at last, some humble place

In that great temple above,

Where dwell thy saints before thy face.


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