Thou Long Disowned, Reviled, Oppressed   1 comment

Christ Pantocrator

Above:  Christ Pantocrator

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = Hymns and Sonnets (1880)

Words (1860) by Eliza Scudder (1821-1896)


1.  Thou long disowned, reviled, oppressed,

Strange friend of humankind,

Seeking through weary years a rest

Within our hearts to find.

2.  How late thy bright and awful brow

Breaks through these clouds of sin!

Hail, Truth divine, we know thee now;

Angel of God, come in!

3.  Come, with purifying fire

And desolating sword!

Thou of all nations the desire,

Earth waits thy cleansing word.

4.  Struck by the lightning of thy glance,

Let old oppressions die;

Before thy cloudless countenance

Let fear and falsehood fly.

5.  Anoint our eyes with healing grace

To see as ne’er before

Our Father, in our brother’s face,

Our Master, in His poor.

6.  Flood our dark life with golden day,

Convince, subdue, enthrall;

Then to a mightier yield thy sway,

And love be all in all!

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