Thou Life Within My Life   1 comment

Thou Life Within My Life

Above:  Part of the Hymn

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Hymn Source = The Hymnal (1933), Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.

Words (1871) by Eliza Scudder (1821-1896)


1.  Thou Life within my life, than self more near,

Thou veiled Presence infinitely clear,

From all illusive shows of sense I flee,

To find my center and my rest in Thee.

2.  Below all depths Thy saving mercy lies,

Through thickest gloom I see Thy light arise;

Above the highest heavens Thou art not found

More surely than within this earthly round.

3.  Take part with me against these doubts that rise

And seek to throne Thee far in distant skies;

Take part with me against this self that dares

Assume the burden of these sins and cares.

4.  How shall I call Thee who art always here?

How shall I praise Thee who art still most dear?

What may I give Thee save what Thou hast given,

And whom but Thee have I in earth or heaven?

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