Not Only Where God’s Free Winds Blow   1 comment


Above:  Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn, 1900

Image Creator = Bain News Service

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-ggbain-01405

Hymn Source = American Hymns Old and New (1980)

Words (1908) by the Reverend Shepherd Knapp (1873-1946), U.S. Congregationalist


1.  Not only where God’s free winds blow,

Or in the silent wood,

But where the city’s restless flow

Is never still, his love we know,

And find his presence good.

2.  Dear God, the sun whose light is sweet

On hill and plain and sea,

Doth cheer the city’s busy street;

And they that pass with weary feet

Give thanks for light from thee.

3.  Thy bounties from the field and mine

Come at the city’s call;

The fire upon the hearth is thine,

And home, where lights of kindness shine,

The dearest gift of all.

4.  More near than outward gifts art thou,

O Father of mankind;

Yea, those, who under burdens bow

Of toil and care, thou dost endow

With riches of thy mind.

5.  But in the city’s grief and shame

Dost thou refuse a part?

Oh, no, for burneth there the flame

Of human help in Christ’s dear name;

There, most all, thou art.

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