Rise, Glorious Conqueror, Rise   2 comments

Rise, Glorious Conqueror

Above:  Part of the Hymn

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Hymn Source = The Methodist Hymnal (1905), Methodist Episcopal Church and Methodist Episcopal Church, South

Words by Matthew Bridges (1800-1894)


1.  Rise, glorious Conqueror, rise

Into thy native skies;

Assume thy right;

And where in many a fold

The clouds are backward rolled,

Pass through those gates of gold,

And reign in light.

2.  Victor o’er death and hell,

Cherubic legions swell

The radiant train;

Praises all heaven inspire:

Each angel sweeps his lyre,

And claps his wings of fire,

Thou lamb once slain!

3.  Enter, incarnate God!

No feet but thine have trod

The serpent down:

Blow the full trumpets, blow,

Wider yon portals throw,

Saviour, triumphant, go,

And take thy crown!

4.  Lion of Judah, hail!

And let thy name prevail

From age to age:

Lord of the rolling years,

Claim for thine own the spheres,

For thou hast bought with tears

Thy heritage.

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