Strike Up, O Harp and Psaltery!   2 comments


Above:  Harps

Image in the Public Domain

Original Words by Archbishop Johann Olaf Wallin (1779-1839)

English Translation by Ernst W. Olson (1870-1958)

Hymn Source = The Hymnal and Order of Service (1925), The Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod


1. Strike up, O harp and psaltery!

O Word of might, two-edged sword,

Arise and smite the nations,

That they may know and fear the Lord!

O gospel voice from heaven,

Awake the hearts of men,

That unto them be given

To turn to God again.

All ye who dwell in Zion,

Hark to your Shepherd Lord,

Who leads you to green pastures,

And feeds you with His living Word!

2. Adorn thyself to meet Him,

O Shulamite, O bride of Christ!

Go gladly forth to greet Him

When of His coming now apprised!

He for thy sin was given,

And thou art sanctified.

Behold, the Son of Heaven

Hath claimed thee for His bride!

Give Him thy heart forever,

Whose love shall never cease;

Let no affliction sever

The bonds of unity and peace!

3. O Lord, Thy Zion, thronging

Thy holy temple, o’er shall raise,

With hearts and tongues in rapture,

To Thee their solemn prayer and praise!

O let Thy Word in clearness

A daystar o’er us shine,

That we may feel Thy nearness,

And bring forth fruit divine.

Like sands from out the ocean,

So let Thy people be,

To voice our hearts’ devotion,

And praise Thee through eternity.

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