My Gracious Lord, I Own Thy Right   1 comment

My Gracious Lord, I Own Thy Right

Above:  The Hymn

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Words by Philip Doddridge (1702-1751)

Hymn Source = The Methodist Hymnal (1905), Methodist Episcopal Church and Methodist Episcopal Church, South


1. My gracious Lord, I own thy right

To every service I can pay,

And cal it my supreme delight

To hear thy dictates, and obey.

2. What is my being, but for thee,

Its sure support, its noblest end?

‘Tis my delight thy face to see,

And serve the cause of such a Friend.

3. I would not sigh for worldly joy,

Or to increase my worldly good;

Nor future days nor powers employ

To spread a sounding name abroad.

4. ‘Tis to my Saviour I would live,

To him who for my ransom died.

Nor could all worldly honor give

Such a bliss as crowns me at his side.

5. His work my hoary age shall bless,

When youthful vigor is no more;

And my last hour of life confess

His dying love, his saving power.

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