Heavenly Light, Benignly Beaming   2 comments

Heavenly Light, Beningnly Beaming

Above:  Part of the Hymn

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Original Words by Archbishop Johann Olaf Wallin (1779-1839)

English Translation by Ernst W. Olson (1870-1958)

Hymn Source = The Hymnal and Order of Service (1925), The Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod


1. Heavenly Light, benignly beaming,

Breaketh o’er the hopeless earth.

From the Sun eternal streaming

Spring the rays of promise forth.

Light supernal, O how glorious

To our eyes is Thy advance,

Giving us to see God’s plans!

2. All unknown to worldly sages,

Who were to His glory blind,

Jesus came, O light of ages,

Day of grace to all mankind!

Truth He brought to every seeker,

Grace to every troubled breast,

Man with peace and mercy blest.

3. In a world where lusts contended,

Crimes were bred and bitterness,

Christ appeared; with Him descended

Love divine and holiness.

Hearts were filled with His pure spirit,

Love bade warring passions cease;

Earth was blest with joy and peace.

4. Blessed they who ever ready

Hear the heavenly Teacher’s Word,

They who walk with purpose steady

In the footsteps of the Lord;

Guided by His Holy Spirit,

Led by faith, and not by sight,

They shall gain the realms of light.

5. Lo, their faith and love shall conquer

Vanity and unbelief,

Shedding o’er a world of rancor

Kindly light, to solace grief.

In life’s turmoil, in death’s shadow

Anchor they their hope secure

On the Rock that shall endure.

6. Radiance of the Father’s glory,

Send Thy beams in splendor forth.

Break upon the area hoary,

Dawn of faith and peace on earth!

Let this world be as the pathway

To that heaven where shall be

Gathered they who walked with Thee.

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