O For the Robes of Whiteness   2 comments

©Photo. R.M.N. / R.-G. OjŽda

Above:  Saint John on Patmos

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Sources =  Lyra Hibernica Sacra (1878), edited by William McIlwaine, and Lyra Britannica (1867), edited by Charles Rogers

Words by Charitie Lees Smith Bancroft de Chenez (1840-1923)


1. O for the robes of whiteness!

O for the tearless eyes!

O for the glorious brightness

Of the unclouded skies!

2. O for the no more weeping

Within the land of love,

The endless joy of keeping

The bridal feast above!

3. O for the bliss of dying

My risen Lord to meet!

O for the rest of lying

For ever at His feet!

4. O for the hour of seeing

My Saviour face to face,

The hope of ever being

In that sweet meeting-place!

5. Jesus, Thou King of glory,

I soon shall dwell with Thee;

I soon shall sing the story

Of Thy great love for me.

6. Meanwhile my thoughts shall enter

E’en now, before Thy throne,

That all my love may centre

On Thee, and Thee alone.

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