Make Wide the Door, Unbar the Gate   2 comments


Above:  The Hymn Title

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Hymn Source = The Concordia Hymnal (1932), U.S. Lutheran

Original Words by Georg Weissel (1590-1635)

English Translation (1919) by Professor Peter Andrew Sveeggen (1881-1959)


1.  Make wide the door, unbar the gate!

The King of Glory comes in state,

His banner o’er the earth unfurled;

He is the Savior of the world.

2.  He comes to earth in righteousness,

All men with peace and joy to bless;

In kindness is His purpose shown;

He reigns in mercy o’er His own.

3.  He heralds forth a gracious day,

And takes our sin and guilt away;

And hence from longing hearts shall sound

A hymn of praise the world around.

4.  O well for ev’ry hearth and home,

Where Jesus rears His kingly dome!

O well for ev’ry heart and mind,

Where Christ as King may entrance find.

5.  For then a heavenly joy will greet

Our souls from God’s own mercy-seat;

In Him, the Son of God, is light

That makes our deepest darkness brigt.

6.  Make wide the door, remove all bars;

Give room to Him who rules the stars;

For then the King of Glory will

The wondrous work of God fulfill.

7.  My heart I open now to Thee;

Come, Jesus, and abide with me;

And in Thy mercy make it so,

That I Thy depths of love may know.

8.  O let Thy Spirit more and more,

From day to day make wide the door,

That Christ alone our King may be,

And Savior through eternity!

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